About me

Pythonista, Developer, Speaker, Advocate


Hi, I’m Nina.

I’m an expert developer with over a decade of experience, a passion for speaking and teaching, and a track record for getting things done. I currently focus on Python at Microsoft on the Cloud Developer Advocacy team.

I’m based out of Portland, OR where I enjoy snowboarding, hiking, drinking scotch, and tinkering with hardware, LEDs, and wearable electronics.

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I recently released a video series for learning Python. Check out my Python Fundamentals and Intermediate Python courses.

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In the past, I’ve written software for:

  • satellite control computers at HBO
  • code that’s helped people connect over their passions at Meetup
  • and implemented time-wasting features on Reddit

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I love teaching developers, and I’ve spoken at conferences around the world like PyCon Russia, EuroPython, and DjangoCon. In 2019, I gave the closing keynote at PyCon US, and co-organized Mentored Sprints for Diverse Beginners.


If you’d like to follow my additional writing, I’m an occasional guest author for The Pastrybox project and opensource.com. I also author screencast courses on Front End Masters.


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