About me

Pythonista, Developer, Speaker, Advocate

Hi, I’m Nina!

I’m an expert developer with over a decade of experience and a passion for speaking and teaching, and a track record for getting things done. I currently focus on Python at Microsoft on the Cloud Developer Advocacy team. In the past, I’ve written software for:

  • satellite control computers at HBO
  • code that’s helped people connect over their passions at Meetup
  • and implemented time-wasting features on Reddit


I love teaching developers, and I’ve spoken at conferences around the world like PyCon Russia, EuroPython, and DjangoCon. In 2019, I gave the closing keynote at PyCon US, and co-organized Mentored Sprints for Diverse Beginners.

I’m currently based out of Portland, OR where I enjoy snowboarding, hiking, drinking scotch, and tinkering with hardware, LEDs, and wearable electronics.


If you’d like to follow my additional writing, I’m an occasional guest author for The Pastrybox project and opensource.com. I also author screencast courses on Front End Masters.

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