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When Event Location Talk
July 18, 2019 OSCON Portland, OR Code review skills for emotionally intelligent developers
Aug 3, 2019 PyCon Australia Sydney Goodbye Print, Hello Debugger!
Sep 24, 2019 DjangoCon US San Diego, CA Goodbye Print, Hello Debugger!

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Light Up Your Life - With Python and LEDs at PyCascades 2019

This talk was given at PyCascades 2019 in Seattle, WA.

Python opens a whole new world of working with wearable electronics. MicroPython and CircuitPython are Python variants that can run with just 256k of storage space and 16k of RAM. Learn how to program LEDs with Python, to light up your life with code and creativity.


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Memory Management in Python 3 -- The Basics - North Bay Python 2018 - Petaluma, CA

This talk was given at North Bay Python 2018 in Petaluma, CA.

As a new python developer, do you find memory management in Python confusing? Come to this talk to learn about the basics of how Memory Management works in Python. We’ll cover the concepts of reference counting, garbage collection, weak references, __slots__, and the Global Interpreter Lock.


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All Things Open - Raleigh, NC 2018

All Things Open is a conference exploring Open Source, Open Tech, and the Open Web with 4000 attendees in Raleigh, NC. I presented two talks during All Things Open 2018, including a keynote.

Keynote: Five Things You Didn’t Know Python Could Do - Video

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Top 3 Django Gotchas to Catch during Code Review

At DjangoCon US 2018 in San Diego, I’ll be speaking about Code Review Skills for Pythonistas.

During the talk, I’ll be deep diving into best practices for all Python projects, but I’d like to highlight the top three gotchas to look out for while code reviewing Django applications. By catching these problems early, you’ll save yourself from massive future headaches.

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Code Review Skills for Pythonistas - EuroPython 2018 - Edinburgh

This talk was given at EuroPython 2018 in Edinburgh. As teams and projects grow, code review becomes increasingly important to support the maintainability of complex codebases. In this talk, I’ll cover guidelines for writing consistent python code beyond pep8, how to look out for common python gotchas, and what python tools are available to automate various parts of the review process. Most importantly, I’ll cover the human aspect of code reviews - how we can be better at approaching reviews with empathy and understanding from the perspective of both a reviewer and a submitter. [Read More]

Elegant Solutions For Everyday Python Problems - Pycon US 2018

This talk was given at PyCon US 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Are you an intermediate python developer looking to level up? Luckily, python provides us with a unique set of tools to make our code more elegant and readable by providing language features that make your code more intuitive and cut down on repetition. In this talk, I’ll share practical pythonic solutions for supercharging your code.

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Elegant Solutions for Everyday Python Problems - PyCon Canada 2017

This talk was given at PyCon Canada 2017 in Montréal, Canada.

Are you an intermediate Python developer looking to level up? Luckily, Python provides us with a unique set of tools to make our code more elegant and readable. I’ll share practical pythonic solutions for supercharging your code with tools like Decorators, Context Managers, and Mixins.

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