Goodbye Print Hello Debugger (Remote) for PyCon 2020

This talk was due to be given at PyCon US 2020, but was instead recorded from home to be shared virtually on PyCon’s YouTube channel.



View the slides on SpeakerDeck, or download them.


Still debugging your code with print? Learn how to level up your ability to troubleshoot complex code situations by using the power of a fully-featured debugger.

Debuggers allow you to examine your program state, watch as the values of important variables change, and even modify the content of variables on the fly. Once I gave up using print to debug, my productivity as a programmer increased, and yours can too!

I’ll showcase the variety of debugger tools available - from pdb, the simplest command line debugger that’s part of the standard library, to fancy graphical debuggers available in Python IDEs. Join me as we walk through real code together using debugger tools in a hands-on way to help us diagnose problems and bugs. The skills you’ll learn in this talk will allow you to quickly use these tools in your own code bases for fun, school, or work.

Debugger Cheat Sheet

Download the debugger cheat sheet.

My .pdbrc file

This .pdbrc file will allow you to alias a new interacti command to use in your CLI debugging, allowing you to open a fully featured IPython REPL at a triggered breakpoint.

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