Goodbye Print Hello Debugger at DjangoCon 2019

This talk was given on Tuesday September 24th 2019 at DjangoCon US in San Diego.

Still debugging your code by using print? Learn how to level up your ability to troubleshoot complex code situations by using the power of a fully-featured debugger in this talk aimed at all levels of programming ability.


View the slides on SpeakerDeck.

Cheat Sheet

Download the debugger cheat sheet.

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Top 3 Django Gotchas to Catch during Code Review

At DjangoCon US 2018 in San Diego, I’ll be speaking about Code Review Skills for Pythonistas.

During the talk, I’ll be deep diving into best practices for all Python projects, but I’d like to highlight the top three gotchas to look out for while code reviewing Django applications. By catching these problems early, you’ll save yourself from massive future headaches.

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